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HTML Encoder/Decoder is a convenient online utility for encoding and decoding HTML entities. Whether you’re storing or utilizing HTML entities, encoding them ensures smooth integration without any issues. In HTML encoding, characters like <, >,,, &, and ` along with unprintable ASCII characters are transformed into their respective character codes. Feel free to utilize this tool for hassle-free HTML entity manipulation.

Base64 Encoder/Decoder easily converts strings to Base64 and vice versa. Base64 is a text-based encoding system ideal for storing and transmitting data, such as images (JPG, PNG, SVG), as strings. It utilizes 64 common characters—[A-Z], [a-z], [0-9], “+”, “/”, and “=”—ensuring broad compatibility. Each character represents 6 bits of binary data, offering simplicity and universality for developers.

URL Encoder/Decoder is a tool used to convert special characters in URLs into a format suitable for internet transmission (encoding) and reverse the process (decoding). It ensures data integrity and facilitates smooth communication between web applications by handling characters that have special meanings in URLs.

Encode and decode data effortlessly with our JWT Encoder/Decoder tool. Securely convert any payload into JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) for safe data transmission and authentication. Decode JWTs quickly to reveal the original content with simplicity. Simplify your workflows with these efficient tool crafted specifically for JWT management, seamlessly integrating into your authentication and authorization processes.

The HTML to JSX converter is a online conversion tool designed to translate HTML code into JSX syntax. It automates the process of converting HTML elements, attributes, and structure into their equivalent JSX representation, making it easier for developers to incorporate existing HTML content into React applications.

Our Case Converter Tool provides an easy-to-use solution for adjusting text capitalization. With options for converting text to uppercase, lowercase, title case, or sentence case, it offers flexibility and convenience for various writing tasks. Simply paste your text, choose your desired case, and quickly achieve the desired capitalization format.

Easily manage your website’s crawling directives with our user-friendly Robots.txt Generator. Customize settings such as default values, sitemap inclusion, and crawler permissions to meet your requirements. Our tool simplifies the process, enabling you to create and test your robots.txt file with ease.

The Share Links Generator tool simplifies the process of creating custom shareable links for various social networks. Just input your URL and content, and it automatically generates the links for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, WhatsApp, and Email.

Language translator tool is like a smart helper that quickly changes words from one language to another. It’s super handy for people who speak different languages because it makes it easy for them to understand each other. Whether you’re traveling, working, or just chatting with friends online, this tool helps you communicate with anyone, anywhere.

A Lorem Ipsum generator is a tool used to create placeholder text for design layouts, templates, and prototypes. It allows users to specify parameters such as the number of paragraphs and the maximum character length per paragraph. Once configured, the generator produces Lorem Ipsum text that closely mimics natural language, making it ideal for testing visual elements without distracting content. Users can then copy and paste the generated text into their projects.